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Attention and Listening

  • Bop It – £0.69, (Chillingo Ltd), fun motivating game that shouts out instructions for you to follow.
  • iSays Free Simon Says – Free, (Kfir Schindelhaim), classic Simon Says game where you follow the instructions, develop memory and vocabulary.


  • See Touch Learn – £0.99 in app purchases (Brain Parade), understanding vocabulary, concepts and meaning.
  • Splingo‘s Language Universe – £1.99 (Talking Wizard), fun motivating game that develops listening and language skills.
  • Language Builder – £9.99 (Mobile Education Store), sentence formation.
  • iPractice Verbs – £9.99 (Smarty Ears), using different tenses at word and sentence levels.
  • Tense Builder – £7.99 (Mobile Education Store), helps to identify and use correct tense forms.
  • Wh Questions – £9.99 (Smarty Ears), answering ‘wh’ questions.
  • WH Questions – Free in app purchases (Super Duper), ask or answer ‘wh’ questions with different games.
  • Story Builder – £5.99 (Mobile Education Store), build a simple story around a picture.
  • Toontastic Jr Pirates – Free (Launch Pad Toys), record your story focusing on the beginning, middle and end.
  • Toontastic – Free in app purchases (Launch Pad Toys), creative learning tool that empowers kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons through imaginative play.
  • Disney Storytime – Free in app purchases (Disney), read the story and then ask and answer questions. Encourage the child to retell the story in their own words.
  • Speech with Milo – £1.99 (Doonan Speech Therapy), series of apps that builds language skills on sequencing, vocabulary, and basic subject +verb + object sentences.
  • Rainbow Sentences – £5.99 (Mobile Education Store), helps build grammatically correct sentences using colour coding visuals.
  • Colourful Semantics – £14.99 (London SLTS Ltd), using colour coded sentences to help build grammatically correct sentences.


  • Articulation Station – Free in app purchases (Little Bee Speech), ‘p’ sound is free but additional sounds are charged. Helps develop the sound at the beginning, middle and end of words, sentences and in stories.
  • ArtikPix – £20.99 (Expressive Solutions LLC), activities for children with speech sound delays.
  • Phonics Studio – Free (Innovative Investments Limited), learn how to pronounce words and expand vocabulary.
  • Minimal Pairs – £14.99 (Therapy Box Limited), helps with speech sound discrimination and production.


  • iCommunicate – £39.99 (Grembe Inc), can design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, and picture cards to customize them.
  • Proloquo2Go – £199.99 (AssistiveWare), designed to promote growth of communication skills and provides a voice to those that cannot speak.
  • Pictello – £14.99 (AssistiveWare), creates talking photo albums and books.
  • The Social Express – Free in app purchases (The Language Express), designed to teach children and young adults with social learning challenges about managing social situations, developing meaningful social relationships and succeed in life.
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